#4H The series of an egotist hike to Santiago de Compostela

During the second half of 2019, my Family went through a rough patch, due to a medical condition of one of us. During the Summer while all the world was falling apart, I committed to a hike to Santiago de Compostela. I was quite specifit too. I was to accomplish the hike between Lisbon and Santiago before the Summer Solestice of 2020, if H overcame his life-threatening challenge. Fortunately the conditions were met and my commitment was effective to be executed by late 2019 and that is where the egotistic part comes into play.

During this period, as days went by, I was nothing but a mere spectator of the ride H took and how he bravely fought and overcame the disease. As a mere observer I felt many times impotent, useless; and through this activity, I’m not just paying my debt, but also giving myself some credit, some value and not wanting to risk the consequences of not to going through such a commitment.

As a story writer wannabe, this is an opportunity to share the experience of the path, not just the physical part of it, but also the inner path that inevitably will occur.


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