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In about 15 hours, I’ll be trading the comfort of my home for 4 hours on the road, heading north to Serra da Estrela Natural Park¬†(which translates to start mountain range). During the weekend, Imaginature 2017, will be taking place in Manteigas, deep in the glaciar valley. Being one of my favorite landscape photography destinations in Portugal, I can’t waste the opportunity to try to capture some images. Hence the early start of the day. The objective is arriving the first location well before sunrise (which by the way occurs earlier on altitude): Vale de Rossim. I will be posting details of the trip as I go along on Instagram (ruimphoto) and twitter (@ruimphoto #estrelatrip). Full report after getting back ūüôā




Taking advantage of the IMAGINATURE ( , an event dedicated to the landscape photography, I will visit some of the iconic spots of this park. It will be a tough adventure with little sleep, trying to make the most of this amazing location. Stay tuned for the updates.

TravelAround: Malmö, Sweden

Malm√∂¬†is the capital city of the Scania district, in the southern part of Sweden. With a population of approximately 300.000 inhabitants, Malm√∂ is the third largest city in Sweden and the fifth of Scandinavia. ¬†Once a big industrial area, Malm√∂ struggled with the adaptation to the post-industrialism. The construction of the √ėresund Bridge, brought a new life to the region,…

TravelAround: Copenhagen, Denmark [#pitstop]

While travelling to Sweden, I had the opportunity¬†to go for a quick visit to Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark. Making the quick visit of no more than 3 hours, proved to be a worthwhile investment.¬†The Sun was out, although the wind made¬†the¬†experience a bit uncomfortable. From CPH (Copenhagen airport), it takes 12 minutes to reach Central Station, located at Copenhagen…

Continental Europe most western point: Cabo da Roca – Sunset session coming up!

  Cabo da¬†Roca is the¬†most western point of continental Europe. Located in Portugal, 30 km away from Lisboa, the capital city and at the base of the Sintra Mountain. ALERT: Before going any further, please do not take lightly the following disclosure: The location ¬†I am about to describe involves single tracts, fishermen trails and high cliffs. This is usually…

ruim photo sessions ALPHA series VLOG

Creating a VLOG is something I have been trying to take off for a while. I really appreciate the work and vlogs of some great photographers out there (here are three of my frequent watched list):

I feel that video is a great way of sharing information and specially the all the action of a session.

That said, I have started to make some short videos during my sessions and started what I am calling ALPHA series (alpha definition) .

Introduction image for the ruim photo sessions alpha series VLOG


They are very basic, shaky, speech is lame, etc, etc., I have struggled with myself¬†if I should release them or not,¬†as I like to show only my best work; but in the end I hope that¬†on one hand, this will encourage people to share more! It doesn’t have to be perfect. On the other hand, your feedback will certainly speed up my evolution into becoming better.

Comment, feedback and/or ask questions will be a great help for me to evolve the channel and I would really appreciate it if you could drop some lines and/or like the video and subscribe the channel.. ūüôā

Thank you!!

Unpacking my new travel mate: Canon Powershot G7x MK II

Starting what I expect will be come a steady paced channel, I am sharing the unpacking of my latest acquisition: a small sneaky yet powerful advanced camera, the Canon Powershot G7x MK II. This is the replacement camera for my travel companion, the faithful Canon G15 that has followed me around for some years now. The motivation for changing came out of a recent visit to Sweden, where I was presented with a spectacular snow fall. During that trip it was very difficult to capture the subtle but yet ever so important texture of snow.

There is something about unpacking videos that I like: they

These type of cameras are specially useful when travelling. They are compact, yet they have all the manual capabilities that allows me to do things my way when I feel like it. What has drawn me to this choice:

  • Compact: no other set of lenses needed
  • Sensor size: 1” one of the biggest sensors I could get for a compact format. Sensor size directly influences the dynamic range¬†which was the initial cause for the change in the first place
  • Aperture: I want a fast equipment 1.8 is one of the best apertures you can find in this class of equipment
  • Wide angle: 20mm – 100mm; Just because I like to bring a lot into a frame… ūüôā

Nice to haves:

  • Tilting screen: I’m not getting younger and somehow people find it strange to find a chap lying on the ground to capture an image… go figure
  • Wi-fi with advanced remote¬†control: the phone app allows me to control everything from a distance, including through the lens image
  • Interesting FPS (frames per second): 8fps

Hope you enjoy it and make sure you drop by my youtube channel.

Here is one thorough review of the camera on DPreview: Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review


TravelAround: Gävle and Sandviken, Sweden

November 2016. In Lisbon I start packing my cabin sized bag with my first (of many I hope) trip to Sweden. Outside a warm Autumn with temperatures around 18¬ļ C strongly influences me on the choices I make regarding clothing. A quick check on one of many weather forecast sites, focus me on a reality around 0¬ļC an possible some…

TravelAround: Vancouver, Canada

While traveling to TR, I had a fabulous opportunity to visit Canada for the first time. I headed for Vancouver in an inspiring mentoring session. Thank you Willy-Peter Shaub for a receiving me, spectacular conversations and sightseeing. Here are some humble captures of a the lovely scenery. All images captured with a Canon G12, handheld, no filters. Post production in…

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