TravelAround: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Ireland has always been one of those youth dream destinations. If you were born in the 70s or the 80s, you are more than certain to have influences from this northern sea country: I lived most of my high school and college with U2 as a soundtrack, while drinking Guinness or Jameson when with friends.

Belfast, is the Northern Ireland capital. A city full of history: this is where the Titanic was built and from where it departed for its first and last voyage.

My trip collided with a big event in the city. For that reason, sleeping in the Belfast city center was impossible. As a big fan for anything nautical, a hotel with the address of “The Harbour, Alexandria pier” should suit my recurring fascination. Carrickfergus was the town name. Close enough to Belfast (30 minutes’ drive), just by the sea, a fantastic place to wake up.

Carrickfergus is one of the oldest cities of Northern Ireland, preceding Belfast. It became an inhabited town shortly after 1170. The medieval castle, 200 m away from the hotel, right by the harbor is an unbelievable photographic scenery. Early mornings and late in the afternoon t was the beginning and end of my day.

Belfast breathes the spirit of Titanic. The city suffered the loss of many of their own and that is evident from all the monuments on the streets. The shipyards are nowadays the destination of tourists and certainly an interesting visit.

Not too far away, northern sea oil rigs are maintained or ready to set sail to their working destination on the Northern Sea.

If walking is your thing, you will find plenty to do in the area. Mountains and trails are abundant, although I only explored city walks. There is a lot more to see and capture out on the country side, but it will have to wait for a later opportunity.

One (very) important part of my tours is always the gastronomy, which of course includes local drinks. Lunch was usually sandwiches, but, let me tell you, what a marvelous experience that was. With super-fresh ingredients, excellent bread and not the usual-mayonnaise-filled-paste-kinda-sandwich we are used to. Dinner was a different story. Ireland has excellent stews, both from fish or meat. Portions are very generous and they are perfect companions to the excellent local beers.

People are super-friendly and welcoming. Taxi drivers are very professionals and everyone I met were accommodating to my inquiries about the city, the country and more. They are proud of their country and culture and with good motives. In some any aspects, I see a lot of my own country’s passions.



Experience technicalities
Global [B] – Want to be back with my familly
Safety (see GPI) 2 (out of 5)
(Lower is safer)
Photographic potential  

Architecture, Street, People, Landscape (coastal, country side, trails), industrial/harbor area

Weather  Sunshine and warm ( September, Summer )

5 hours, VISA not needed for EU citizens


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