Creating messages, that hopefully you will appreciate, may also be considered as a form of expression. From time to time, some of them will pop up in this area. Candid feedback and comments are mostly appreciated.

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  Cabo da Roca is the most western point of continental Europe. Located in Portugal, 30 km away from Lisboa, the capital
Disclaimer: I have lived for a while in the Netherlands and loved it. For that reason, there is a strong
The session Early spring, warm weather and dull sky. That would be the best description for the morning session I
Creating a VLOG is something I have been trying to take off for a while. I really appreciate the work
Having a geographical distributed team (#MSPFE), spread through Europe, has many advantages. I will not get into many details right
I feel my analytical background kicking in... When I look at my travel posts, I feel there is something missing,
Angola and its capital Luanda, are not a usual touristic destination. Not as yet anyway! The potential is there and is
Starting what I expect will be come a steady paced channel, I am sharing the unpacking of my latest acquisition:
Zâmbia is a southern African country that has Angola, Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia as neighboring countries.
November 2016. In Lisbon I start packing my cabin sized bag with my first (of many I hope) trip to

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